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DAYS OUT in Creuse Limousin France



Pleasure boat Lac de VassivèreOne of the beaches at Lac de VassivèreLac de Vassivère

LAC DE VASSIVIÉRE - This huge 1000 hectare lake, only 20 minutes away, is home to sandy beaches, water-sports and various children’s activities and even a sculpture park and modern art gallery.

HIGH ROPES COURSE - D'ARBRE en ARBRE - The rope course at Lac de Vassivière could also be a highlight for youngsters.

Cyclists welcome at Les Quatre SaisonsCycle race in CreuseRoad race at EVAUX LES BAINSCyclists at  Franseche Limousin

CYCLE RACING - If you are serious cyclist you will be pleased to know that Raymond Poulidor's training curcuit around Lac de Vassivière is close at hand and it is also possible to join in on some of the events, which are numerous in the summer, or just to go along and experience the atmosphere.

Market in Bourganeuf CreuseBourganeuf market

MARKETS - There are good weekly markets in Bourganeuf, Felletin, Eymoutiers, Aubusson and Gueret.

LOCAL FESTIVALS - There are many different festivals throughout the Summer and Autumn dedicated to an extraordinary range of themes from pumpkins to international folk music. The best site to know what is going on and when

WOLVES - Les Loupes de Chabrières – Just outside Gueret is an interesting conservation site where you can observe wolves in their natural habitat and can also learn something of their history.

LE LABYRINTHE GÉANT- Gueret - not only a giant maze but a small farm and paint -ball!

Gare Velo-Rail

THE VELO-RAIL - A great day out on these pedal powered carts on disused railways. The Vélo-Rail De La Mine in Bosmoreau les Minese, only 15 minutes away. The uphill bits do need some effort!

BISON - Elevage de Bisons du Palais - Here is something different - a bison farm very close to Bourganeuf. You can also hire horses here for trips. 05 55 64 15 63

LES PIERRES JAUMÂTRES - This is a display of 40 rocks scattered on the top of Mont Barlot. An interesting and unusual formation of granite stone is somewhat of a mystery as nobody is quite sure how they arrived here and why they are such a strange shape. Linked to legends of King Arthur, as well being a favourite spot with George Sand and Chopin.

ORADOUR SUR GLANE- Centre De La Memoire -This martyred village was destroyed during the Second World War and has been left in its original state as a memorial to the 642 men, women & children massacred there by a German 'SS Panzer' division.
The new Centre De Memoir museum was opened in 1999 and is a must for all historians.
Walking around the original village and the memorial is a unique and sobering experience. Everyone should visit this village once during their lifetime. Open throughout the year, visit

STEAM TRAINS -Trains Touristiques à Vapeuren Limousin

PAPER MAKING & PRINTING - Moulin du Got is the last remaining vestige of the considerable papermaking industry in the Limousin in the 18th Century. This mill, situated on the Tard river, has seen generations of paper-makers making sheets of rag paper by hand, primarily for printers in Paris.
From 1850, during the Industrial Revolution, the mill was converted to make wrapping paper from straw. After the Second World War the Moulin du Got started to produce rolled cardboard, used to make dolls' heads, masks or rocking horses.


contact Les Quatre Saisons, Chignat 23250 Soubrebost Nr Bourganeuf Creuse Limousin FRANCE Tel: +33 (0)555 64 23 35


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